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Stoked Blog (It’s about time)

Oh, hey there. So if you’re reading this, you know by now that your buds at Stoked got themselves a shiny new website. Aside from the colorful new look, we’ve got a blog too! That’s right, now you’ve got a place aside from the shop where you can drop in and check out what’s new in the Stoked world.

We’ll be featuring a few revolving blog features such as…

News: Keeping you up to date with whats going on in the industry and at the shop.

Staff Picks: At the shop, the Stokedfam is always cultivating a fresh crop of fresh glass from the sickest artists around the world. Each month, one of them will be featured with their favorite glass for the month.

Artist Profiles: In a growing industry filled with ridiculous talent, we’re always meeting new people. It seems only appropriate that you meet them as well. Whenever we have time to sit down with artists and find out what drives them to the glow of the torch, we’ll share the convo with all of you guys.

Stoked On The Road: We get out to a lot of glass shows and events throughout the year. Every time, it’s always a whacky adventure that’s too good to keep to ourselves.

Shop Events: When we’re not going to someone else’s events, we’re throwing our own party! Whether you’re too far away or just weren’t able to make it, we’ll bring the event to you.

Well there you have it. New website, new blog. It’s an exciting new chapter for your favorite glass shop, so check back early and often!

We’ll see you out there.

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