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Bear Mountain Studios - 18mm Ratchet Perc Bubbler

Bear Mountain Studios - 18mm Ratchet Perc Bubbler Height - 15.5" Base Width - 4.25" Joint Size - 18mm Joint Angle - 90 degree Percolator - Dual 8 rotor, double diffused Recommended Pelican - 1510 This recycler includes matching 18mm, 3 hole flower slide.

Matt 2000 - Squiggle Sidecar

Length - 5" Width - 2.5" Height - 3" Recommended Pelican - 1120

Penjamin - Cart Pen

It's a pen battery - that's also a real pen! Embrace the fusion of discretion and functionality with the aromatherapy Cart Pen by Smyle™ Labs. With its patented design that mirrors a traditional pen, this cartridge writing penjamin takes your experience to new heights of convenience. Made with high-quality materials and built to last (cart not included).

Liz Wright - Neptune Shell Pipe

This dry flower hand pipe by Liz Wright is made in Neptune and sculpted to look like a sea shell. Length - 4" Width - 3.5"

Liz Wright - Jet Black Crushed Opal, Metaterrania & Gold Ruby Aquarium Blooper #2

This 10mm aquarium blooper by Liz Wright is made with hand-pulled crushed opal over Jet Black for the base, neck, joint, and plumbing, and features an encased opal sphere, which is guarded over by an immaculately faded Metaterrania to Gold Ruby octopus atop the perc. Height - 7" Base Width - 3.5" Joint Size - 10mm Joint Angle - 90...

Liz Wright x GZ1

This octopus pendant by Liz Wright and ETR is made Sunstone, with his tentacles securely cradling a loose GZ1 Bartfield milli coin, and detailed milli eyes. This pendant includes a sterling silver snake chain. Length - 2" Width - 1.75" Depth - .5"

Liz Wright - Royal Jelly, Metaterrania, Citrine & Lotus White Shark Slurper Plug Set

This full slurper set by Liz Wright is made in Royal Jelly, Metaterrania, UV reactive Citrine, and Lotus and features a sculpted hammerhead shark. The set includes a matching 6mm pearl, 12mm valve guard, and a pillar, all made using eye milli. This set will fit most terp slurper style bangers. Cap Dimensions:Plug Diameter - 13.5mmCap Diameter - 29mm Valve...

Chaka x Scolari - Penguin w/ Peli

This 10mm Stupid Little Penguin rig by Chaka and Scolari is made using Scolari's plaid tech, with a large opal sphere floating in a cold worked Blizzard tech dome. Height - 4.25" Base Width - 3.5" Joint Size - 10mm Joint Angle - 45 degree Percolator - 2 hole *Includes Pelican Case

Licit Glass - 38 Flower Recycler Straight Tube

This 14mm flower recycler by Licit features a stemline perc with recycling uptake and drain. Includes 14mm funnel slide. Height - 14.5" Base Width - 4" Joint Size - 14mm Joint Angle - 90 degree Percolator - Stemline Recycler

Earl Jr x Jenkins


Ben Birney - Millifiore Stealie Pendant

Height - 1.5" Width - 1"

Ben Birney - Ice Cream Kid Pendant

Height - 1.5" Width - 1"

Ben Birney x Lace Face - White Retti Goddess Dry

Length - 6.5" Height - 3.5" Width - 2"

Florin Glass - Blue & Yellow Flower Marble

This realistic flower implosion marble by Florian is made in blue and yellow with pink backing and measures 31.8mm in diameter. Diameter - 31.8mm

Florin Glass - Tie Dye Butterfly Marble

This realistic butterfly implosion marble by Florian is made in a tie dye pattern and measures 32.2mm in diameter. Diameter - 32.2mm

Florin Glass - Bee Flower Marble

This realistic bee with flower implosion marble by Florian is made in pink and yellow and measures 29.6mm in diameter. Diameter - 29.6mm

Maxxswell - Passport

This super portable pocket rig by Maxxswell features a two hole inline perc which uses the flattened and welded downstem as a splash guard, with the holes facing down to provide a full rip with minimal splash. With bold shaping, an ergonomic grip, and carefully sandblasted accents, this flask-shaped rig looks and feels as good as it hits.* Height -...

Bubble Pouches - Brown Mushroom Patch & Brick Marble Pouch

This handmade drawstring marble pouch has eight individual slots to hold up to eight marbles. Diameter - 12"

710 Spatula

The 710 Spatula is a safe and convenient tool to help prevent any waste of concentrates. Made from food grade silicone, this tool will help you access all the hard to reach corners within your jar allowing you to get the most of your medicine. Works Best With:- Budder- Cold Cure- Crumble- Distilate- Sauce- Sugar Easy to clean, durable, a must have for any dabber!

Pubz x Alik Burres x White Tail Mug

18 0z three way brollab! blue dichro  whirlpool tech sandblasted sections wig wag section XL 

Snic Barnes - Introverted Bell Jar

This 14mm banger hanger by Snic Barnes showcases a wonderland of the imagination. From the all seeing palm (talk to the hand,) to the stack of rainbow froot loops, the many magical mushrooms, the melted candle, or the rainbow and black encalmo transistor, this piece will make you go "hmmm." Height - 6" Base Width - 4" Joint Size -...

Drinking Vessels: Nev - Tulip Cup

Capacity - 12 oz

Drinking Vessels: Coyle - Pineapple Chalice

Capacity - 10 oz

Drinking Vessels: Coyle - Amazon Night Hot Carved Cup

Capacity - 8 oz

Drinking Vessels: Zooted - Crinkle Whiskey Glass

This short rocks glass by Zooted is sculpted to resemble a crinkled cup providing an ergonomic grip. Capacity - 10 oz

Drinking Vessels: Ben Belgrad x Eusheen

Capacity - 16 oz

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