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Storz & Bickel

Storz & Bickel - Crafty Wear and Tear Kit

The Crafty Wear & Tear Set includes all the spare parts necessary to renew the CRAFTY(+) Cooling Unit. CONTAINS: 3 pcs. Mouthpiece 1 pc. Cooling Unit 1 pc. Screen Set 2 pcs. Filling Chamber Tool 1 pc. Cleaning Brush

Storz & Bickel - Crafty+ Cooling Unit

The Cooling Unit cools down the vapor in order to supply pleasant vapor and optimal flavor. Pack of 3.Suitable for: CRAFTY CRAFTY+

Storz & Bickel - Crafty+ Vaporizer

Suitable for dry herbs Not suitable for nicotine  The new adventure begins now. The battery-powered CRAFTY+ is the perfect companion for all your pursuits. Handy and compact, the CRAFTY+ provides you with outstanding vapor quality, flavor and air flow for elevated everyday experiences. Don't sacrifice performance for portability - get both with the CRAFTY+ Updates: USB-C charging socket 25 minutes...

Storz & Bickel - Mighty Wear & Tear Set

for MIGHTY+ & MIGHTY The Wear & Tear Set includes all the spare parts necessary to renew the MIGHTY Cooling Unit.

Storz & Bickel - Mighty+ Vaporizer

Suitable for dry herbs Not suitable for nicotine  Great performance, pocket sized. The battery-powered MIGHTY uses a patented combination of full hot air convection heating and additional conduction, which ensures an efficient vapor production from the very first draw.

Storz & Bickel - Venty Vaporizer

The VENTY is Storz & Bickel's fastest device and the first Hot Air Generator of its kind to feature an adjustable airflow. Though portable, it is highly efficient and takes merely 20 seconds to heat up, while allowing an amazing airflow of 20 liters/minute at the maximum stage. If you are looking for an S&B allrounder, the VENTY is the...

Storz & Bickel - Volcano 3 Meter Bag

3 meter length Balloon bag tube Sold individually **Easy Valve not included** Works with the Volcano Hybrid and Volcano Classic

Storz & Bickel - Volcano Digital Hybrid

Suitable for dry herbs Not suitable for nicotine  The reinvention of an icon.The VOLCANO HYBRID has exciting new features like Inhalation through the Tube Kit or Valve Balloon Very fast heating process within 1 – 2 minutes The control panels are integrated in the large display and can be controlled via touch button App control via S&B App for Android...

Storz & Bickel - Volcano Easy Valve Starter Kit

for VOLCANO DIGIT & VOLCANO CLASSIC The EASY VALVE Balloon is food-safe, heat-proof and odor-free and comes in two sizes: Standard and XL. Inhalation out of the EASY VALVE Balloon is especially comfortable, since there is practically no draw resistance.

Storz & Bickel - Volcano Screens


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