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Hot Mess Glass - Amber Purple Chillum

The Hot Mess chillum is an Amber Purple dry pipe. Length - 3"

Hot Mess Glass - Amber Green Chillum

The Hot Mess chillum is an Amber Green dry pipe. Length - 3"

Hot Mess Glass - Light Rainbow Chillum

The Hot Mess chillum is a dry pipe that's rainbow over white. Length - 3"

Ben Lang Rasta ISO Chillum

The Ben Lang Chillum has red, green and yellow inside out line work over fume.  Length - 4"

Garden Of Eden Glass - Electroformed Onie w/ Cobalt Mib

The Garden Of Eden Onie is fume linework from mouthpiece to push. The onie is decorated with a Cobalt mid that is surrounded by electroform. Length - 3"

Firekist Glass - Large Snakeskin Opal Bat

Length: approximately 3"

Hickory Stand Up Chillum

The Hickory chillum is a stand up hand pipe with an organic shaping. The push is wider which allows the pipe to remain stable while standing on a surface, but it also holds very comfortably in hand. The whole pipe is made from Hickory's classic woodtech. Picture Shown is a representation of this style. Each piece varies slightly. After you complete your purchase,...

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