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B Money

B Money - Heady Fume Hammer w/ Donut Mouthpiece #2

This B Money heady fume hammer #2 is a classic hammer pipe with a donut mouthpiece, entirely worked in gold and silver fume, with a black horn on the side covered in a gold and silver fume spiral. The mouthpiece, bowl and the booty are all finished in fume honeycomb, with fume wrap and rake around the can and a...

B Money - Fume Spoon #2

The B Money fume spoon #2 is decked out in B Money's silver to gold fume fade tech, with a Dragon's Blood carb and accent dots on the stem and bowl. Length - 4.5" Width - 2"

B Money - Amber Purple Wrap & Rake Bubbler

This fat bottom flower bubbler from B Money has a very tight wrap and rake pattern in Northstar Amber Purple, with a series of accent dots along the center of the can and an Amber Purple carb. Height - 6" Base - 3.25" Percolator - 1 hole

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