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Joe P

Joe P - Double Layered Honeycomb Marble 1

The Joe P honeycomb marble has two honeycomb millies on opposite sides. This style features a larger series of honeycombs cells within the millie. Diameter - ~0.85

Joe P - Bubble Bee Cap

The Joe P honeycomb bubble cap is yellow with black line work on the bottom half to give the illusion of a bumblebee. The top of the cap has a black sculpted bumblebee head with a matching black stinger on the opposite end. The wings of the bee are Joe P's honeycomb millies. Fits 25mm and 30mm banger Height -...

Joe P - Five Headed Alien Rig

This Joe P rig will be well appreciated by his long time followers and collectors. Back in the 2012, Joe P was transitioning his sculptural work to functional. The majority of his work was heavily influenced by wildlife and nature, until he decided to create the extraterrestrial vision of what he would consider to be out of this world. That's when he...

Joe P - Specialty Wasp Honeycomb Pendant

The Joe P pendant is special because it is decorated with three wasps, instead of bees! The main indicator that these are wasps instead of bees is that the honeycomb millie uses grey, instead of the traditional yellow. Three wasps sit at the top of the pendant near the bail.  Height - 2.5" Width - 1.75" Recommended Chain - 2mm...

Joe P x JMass Frog Sherlock

The Joe P x JMass sherlock is a dry pipe that you'll never use alone! Using Antidote, Really Teally, and Chartreuse, this pipe is shaped into a classic Calabash with a Really Teally frog attached to the right side of the pipe.  Length - 5" Height - 3.5" Width - 2.5" Recommended Pelican - 1150

Joe P x Matt Vision Honeycomb Cold Worked Dagger Pendant

The Joe P x Matt Vision collaboration pendant has an optic honeycomb millie on top of the bail, with another honeycomb millie encased at the top of the pendant. A small honey bee sits on the side of the bail as well. The whole pendant is cold worked, with more cuts at the tip of the pendant to give it a...

Joe P x FTime Fumed Sherlock w/ Three Bees

The Joe P x FTime collaboration sherlock is full fume with white line work covering the majority of the piece. The push holds a fume dot work pattern section with two small red and teal honeybees sitting at the back. There is another small blue honeybee that sits at the bottom of the mouthpiece as well. On the right side of the sherlock, you...

Joe P - Whale Shark Flip Pendant

The Joe P shark pendant features a shark swimming through the sea. The bail and boarder have an icy blue that go into an aqua around the flip. Within the waves of the pendant, an ombre of blues back the detailed grey shark. The pendant comes with a woven carrying pouch. Height - 2.5" Width - 1.5" Recommended Chain - 3mm...

Joe P - Butterfly Flip Pendant

The Joe P butterfly pendant is flying through a golden sky with a Pixie boarder. The butterfly itself resembles a Monarch butterfly, with a black body and wings filled with two tones of orange. The wings also have Pixie in them, which gives it a look of reflection from the boarder. The pendant comes with a woven carrying pouch. Width...

Joe P x Certo Water Dragon

The Joe P x Certo collaboration "Water Dragon" is a full size dragon that's waiting to be tamed. The latest in Certo's Fluid Series, this piece mimics a dragon that has morphed from the splash of an object dropping from high above into water. Splashes of water mimic what should be the scales covering the majority of the body. The spine and belly are...

Joe P x Sam Lyons Dragon Head

Height: 5" Joint Size: 10mm Base: 5" Percolator: 2 Hole Recommended Pelican: 1300

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