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HicDogg x Windstar x Matty White x Fancy Yancy - Bubbler

This collaborative masterpiece by HicDogg, Windstar, Fancy Yancy and Matty White is the ultimate "old School" bubbler, with everything from the eight milli encalmo discs to the perfectly placed snorkel carb, the multiple rainbow linework horns, or the matching 14 mm slide, this bub has it all! Dimensions - HUGE (will measure soon)

Windstar Glass x Breezy Glass

This 10mm jammer by Windstar and Breezy is made with semitransparent yellow combined with Windstar's hand drawn pot leaves all around the can. There are three UV reactive sculpted leaves on the base, below the joint and on the back of the neck, as well as ten purple horns. Height - 8.5" Width - 3.5" Joint Size - 10mm Joint...

Chaka x John W x Stephen Boehme x Windstar - Smoke Shop Of The Year Demo Piece

Made at Stoked Studios, this four way demo collab features work from John W, Stephen Boehme, Windstar and Chaka, and was made during our Glass Vegas Smoke Shop of the Year event. A hand drawn field of mountains by Windstar adorned with huge chips of Boehme and Chaka's milli and showcasing Chaka's sculpted lake ice tech on the mouthpiece and...

Windstar Glass - Green Booty Pendant

This booty pendant by Windstar features a hand drawn flip of a shapely female bottom backed in green dichro with a black bail. Diameter - 1"

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