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Dan Longden

Dan Longden - Sunshine Daydream Hammer

This hammer pipe by Dan Longden features seven sections of Dan's transparent rainbow linework. This hammer has a rear facing carb and a spiral linework marble. Length - 5" Height - 2.5" Width - 1"

Glass By Bures x Dan Longden - Fire Linework Hammer

The Glass By Bures x Dan Longden collaboration hammer alternating sections of Dan's wig wag technique and Bures's whirlpool technique. There is a fiery theme of Black, Red, Orange and Yellow. Height - 3" Length - 5"

Dan Longden Royal Jelly Tube

The Dan Longden tube consists of Royal Jelly, Black and White wig wag line work throughout the whole piece. The removable downstem matches the piece using the same color pattern.  Height - 8" Base -3.25" Joint Size - 10mm Joint Angle - 45˚ Percolator - Single hole on removable downstem Recommended Pelican - 1200

Dan Longden x Doge Yoshi Tube Collab

Height: 8.75" Joint Size: 10mm Base: 3"  Percolators: 1 Hole Recommended Pelican: 1400

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