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Glass by Bures

Whos Boro x Glass By Bures Hammer

This hammer pipe by Glass by Bures features two of Al's pinwheel sections paired with black, and a Whos Boro encased milli on the foot. Length - 4.5" Height - 2.5" Width - 1.25"

Glass By Bures x Dan Longden - Fire Linework Hammer

The Glass By Bures x Dan Longden collaboration hammer alternating sections of Dan's wig wag technique and Bures's whirlpool technique. There is a fiery theme of Black, Red, Orange and Yellow. Height - 3" Length - 5"

Glass By Bures - Mini Beaker Blue/Green Bottom

Height: 5.5" Joint Size: 10mm Base: 2.25" Percolators: 1 hole Recommended Pelican:  1150

Glass By Bures - Mini Beaker Red Bottom

Height: 6.25" Joint Size: 10mm Base: 2" Percolators: 2 hole Recommended Pelican:  1150

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