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Matty White

Matty White x Emerald OG - Trubbler

The Matty White x Emerald OG Trubbler is a light blue, decorated with multiple of Matty's dragonfly milles. The back of the piece holes a flower implosion marble with a dragonfly mille on the top. This piece comes with a removable downstem. Height - 8" Base - 2.5" Joint Size - 10mm Joint Angle - 90 Percolator - Single Hole...

Matty White x NKR - Torus w/ Pelican

The Matty White x NKR Torus is a recycler that uses Haterade, Black, and clear. Matty's dragonfly milles cover the neck, inner can, and base. There is also a dragonfly marble attached to the back of the piece.  Height - 8" Base - 4" Joint Size - 14mm Joint Angle - 90 Percolator - 5 Hole Puck  *This piece comes...

Matty White x Nolan Challahan - Murrini Hammer

This super heavy fume hammer incorporates Nolan Callahan’s tripped-out honeycomb fume tech with a plethora of the legendary Matty White’s Butterfly & Flower Murrine. This pipe is the treasured product of a 6-day intensive class held by Matty White here at Stoked. Extremely special to say the least! Height - 3" Length - 6"

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