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Staff Picks: Lil Z

This month we asked Zack AKA Lil Z, a seasoned Stoked veteran, what pieces in the shop really stand out to him and why. 

Milli encasement pendy with opal coin by AKM

“I’ve been a big fan of AKM for a long time and this was the first piece we got from him. I like cold work a lot and I really love the faceting and the opal. It also really pops on white because of the color."

Faceted sherlock with Pharoah flip by Kevin Murray

“Again, I like this one because of the facets but also because the crystals light up in UV. Kevin Murray does really sick flips, especially his Pharaohs, which he hasn’t done in awhile. When we saw this one in Vegas, we knew we had to grab it.”

Push Bub by Dan Longden

“Dan’s one of my better friends from Mass and he made this thing in one of the first classes we had here. He pulled the green, purple, and Blue Blizzard colors together right in the class for everyone to see. I love the way the colors contrast and flow. Dan always has really nice color combos."

Don't just take his word for it though, swing through the shop and check them out for yourself!

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