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Alik Bures Glass - Triceratops "Athena"

Triceratops head sculpted by Glass By Bures showcases the color Purple Urple over Nightshade modeled after a real triceratops skull using multiple angels and photos to replicate the realism. With a 10mm joint that is hidden with a removable horn on the front.

Pubz x Alik Burres x White Tail Mug

18 0z three way brollab! blue dichro  whirlpool tech sandblasted sections wig wag section XL 

Snic Barnes - Introverted Bell Jar

This 14mm banger hanger by Snic Barnes showcases a wonderland of the imagination. From the all seeing palm (talk to the hand,) to the stack of rainbow froot loops, the many magical mushrooms, the melted candle, or the rainbow and black encalmo transistor, this piece will make you go "hmmm." Height - 6" Base Width - 4" Joint Size -...

Snic Barnes - Mushroom Sherlock

This dry flower sherlock hand pipe by Snic is made in black for the mouthpiece and white for the bowl with a section of rainbow encalmos covered in sculpted rainbow mushrooms in the center. Length - 5" Width - 2.5" Height - 2"

Snic Barnes - Mushroom Ashtray

This notched ashtray by Snic is made in white with a melting base sprouting rainbow mushrooms and features an eye milli staring up from the center. Diameter - 3" Base Width - 5" Height - 2"

Snic Barnes - Mushroom Marble Stand

This marble stand by Snic Barnes is made in white with a melting base and features nine rainbow mushrooms growing throughout with pedestals for three marbles*^. Base Width - 4" Height - 3" *Will hold marbles up to 30mm ^Marbles sold separately

Banjo - Peace Pipe

This traditional peace pipe by Banjo is made with black and silver linework with a spiral of 9 eye milli encasements, each with linework accents. Length - 13" Width - 1.75" Height - 2"

Drinking Vessels: Ben Belgrad x Eusheen

Capacity - 16 oz

Drinking Vessels: Slop - Rabbit Hole Cup

Capacity - 15 oz

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