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Glow Guard - LED Silicone Base Protector

Description: The GLOW GUARD protects your glass from scratching or banging on your table when set it down. We all have that heavy handed friend that doesn't know his own strength! The GLOW GUARD has ample padding on the bottom to absorb the shock in case this happens. It also turns your piece into a Light Station!  Features: - 6...

Revelry - The Pipe Kit

This kit comes with a smell proof, padded, and lockable bag, a glass spoon pipe, hemp 2-piece grinder, and pipe tool. This kit safely stores all your session essentials. Features: 4" Glass spoon pipe Metal pipe tool Quick access pocket 2-Piece hemp grinder Lighter holder (lighter not included) Carbon Filter System Lockable Waterproof zipper Genuine leather accents Metal hardware Dimensions:...

Revelry - The Rolling Kit

Take all your rolling essentials with you wherever you go. This smell proof kit comes with a hemp tray, hemp 2-piece grinder, and hemp papers. Features: Hemp rolling tray 2 Smell proof pockets 2-Piece hemp grinder Hemp rolling papers Lighter holder (lighter not included) Carbon Filter System Lockable Waterproof zipper Genuine leather accents Metal hardware Dimensions: 8.5” x 6.5” (folded)...

Pulsar - Grateful Dead DabPadz

Grateful Dead x Pulsar dab mat 7.5 inch by 10 inch dimensions Steal Your Face design Shock absorbent water pipe cushion Protects rigs & pipes Screen-printed fabric top Die cut shape Made by DabPadz

Penjamin - Cart Pen

It's a pen battery - that's also a real pen! Embrace the fusion of discretion and functionality with the aromatherapy Cart Pen by Smyle™ Labs. With its patented design that mirrors a traditional pen, this cartridge writing penjamin takes your experience to new heights of convenience. Made with high-quality materials and built to last (cart not included).

CVault - 50L Storage Container

The CVault 50 liter humidity controlled storage container facilitates the curing and storage of 2.5 kg (5.5 lb) or herbs including tobacco and other foodstuffs. These lightweight containers provide an extremely durable storage method for your valuable herbs. Manufactured from food-grade stainless steel and featuring a 0.64 cm (0.25 inch) silicone seal these airtight, lightproof storage containers offer the very...

Shrüm - All In One Mushroom Grow Kit

ShrümTM All-In-One Grow Bag: your fortress against bacteria and mold, with new unique filter strip technology to provide better airflow, letting your mushrooms breathe. Now anyone can grow mushrooms. It’s as simple as: INJECT your spores or liquid culture (not included) WAIT until fruits form HARVEST Each retail box includes: Shrüm All-In-One Grow Bag (vacuum sealed to keep fresh) Detailed illustrated...

Mr. E - Lemon Drop Peak Bubble Cap

This Puffco Peak carb cap by Mr E is made in Lemon Drop and provides  perfect airflow for maximum terp enjoyment. This cap fits most major E-rigs*Puffco Peak Not Included

Greek Glass - Mini Slurper

20mm top bucket25mm one-piece bottom dish3mm thick wallBeveled edgeMaria joint Premium ground joint with engraved logoFully worked seal3 angled slits The slits are cut at an angle, therefore air enters the column at an angle, causing any pearls or pillars to spin at light speed (see second photo) These are an improvement from our original Mini Slurper, with these having...

Top Hat Glass - Green Spiral Marble

18.05mm. This Marble Is Sized to Fit A Control Tower or Slurper as a Top Marble.

Top Hat Glass - Blue Spiral Marble

This Blue Spiral Marble is 17.62mm. It's Great Size For a Control Tower or Slurper top marble.

Blazy Susan - Purple King Size Cones

• Pre-Rolled Cones• Material: Wood Pulp• Size: King• Cones per Pack: 3

Chaka x Scolari - Penguin w/ Peli

This 10mm Stupid Little Penguin rig by Chaka and Scolari is made using Scolari's plaid tech, with a large opal sphere floating in a cold worked Blizzard tech dome. Height - 4.25" Base Width - 3.5" Joint Size - 10mm Joint Angle - 45 degree Percolator - 2 hole *Includes Pelican Case

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