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Stoked Studio Presents:
Matty White Glass
May 21st - 23rd 2021

Matty White is a fixture across the glass blowing community. Matty is truly is a unique artist, man of the people and the creator of the CHAMPS Glass Games. Matty White first came across glass pipes while on Grateful Dead tour in 1991 when he kept seeing Bob Snodgrass pieces on the lot. After a show in San Francisco he headed up to Eugene for the next date where he met a few people who were starting a pipe movement. During this time, Matty didn’t know anything about the flameworking process as people were very secretive about their trade. He was so curious about what they were doing he offered to start selling their works. In a time of acrylic, wood, metal and stone - no one else was selling these glass pipes, this was a fresh new art form so he kept bugging them and coming back to buy more. Matty was persistent, so they finally said “Hey, do you want to learn how to do this?” Most pipe makers at the time wouldn’t allow anyone to watch so when he finally got the chance to experience it in person and the opportunity to learn, he immediately knew it was something he wanted to pursue. Matty started blowing glass around 1995 when Jerry Garcia passed away and said “the rest is history.”

Matty White At East Coast Melt 2019

Matty White At East Coast Melt 2019

Homebase is Eugene, WA for Matty - where he's been for around 25 years. He calls it “the ground zero for melting shit.” He’s a married family man and has passed the trade on to his son, who works under the name Kyle White Glass. Matty runs a successful production company known as MW studios and employs many artists and apprentices in his studio who help create everything in his signature line from onies to bongs. 

Matty And His Son Kyle White At East Coast Melt 2019

Matty And His Son Kyle White At East Coast Melt 2019

Matty is inspired by old school techniques and pushing the boundaries of newly developed techniques whether they are happy accidents or taught to him. When it comes to creating unique imagery in glass Matty’s component murrini building is a force of nature. Matty’s milli is highly sought after in the pipe making community.

Matty Assisting With Art Unit Builds At The Starship

Matty White Assisting On An Art Unit Build At The Starship

From the Starship to Stoked - This class is an opportunity to have Matty guide you through the milli making and refining process. In this three day workshop you will refine your skills from how to build, assemble and apply murrini components with your classmates. Matty runs a reduced tuition format and in turn keeps 50% of all milli made by students in his class - who knows, your milli may end up on a friend's pipe someday! Tuition cost is $350 for all three days and includes your torch spot, light lunch and dinner. 

Looking to expand your skills but tuition isn’t in the budget? We have one Kories Spot Scholarship available for this class - for an application please email Tuition payment plans available. Please message us if you have any questions!


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