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Stoked Presents: FUCK YOUR CREW Featuring JP Toro, Snic Barnes & Slinger

Stoked Presents: 


Featuring JP Toro, Snic Barnes & Slinger

@JP_ToroGlass - @Slingoner1 - @Snic_Barnes

Saturday, August 12th 2023


In-Person: 21+

In-Store Drop 4:20PM EST

Tickets Go On Sale Tuesday, August 1st at 4:20PM EST At!

Please join us for what is sure to be one of the most legendary events of 2023 Stoked Presents: FUCK YOUR CREW

Featuring Slinger, Snic Barnes & JP Toro on Saturday, August 12th 2023!

This is a private event - Tickets are required for gallery entry.
FYC buying will be first come, first served beginning at 4:20PM EST here in our gallery located in Bridgeport, CT. Tickets include food, beverage, studio demos, Helios tasting bar, access to our sesh lounge, good vibes and more!


What Is FYC?
An assembly of forever young creatives challenging capitalism through collaborative mixed media artwork and borosilicate functional art. JP Toro, Marble Slinger and Snic Barnes started this artist collective circa 2010. FYC created borosilicate pipes sandblasted with iconic and challenging imagery by Slinger which, in many cases, was then uniquely electroformed by Snic Barnes. FYC was only meant to be a side project but it had an unforgettable impact on the borosilicate pipe scene. After about 2 years (circa 2012) Slinger, Snic and JP put FYC on ice to focus on their own work and individual identities in one of the fastest growing art forms of the time. Fast forward… over a decade later, FYC is resurrected and resurfacing right here at Stoked 🤘🙌🙀🚀

What Does FYC Stand For?
FYC originally was widely known as Fuck Your Crew; a symbol of pushback on conformity and anti-cannabis culture. Although the acronym was never meant to be specific, this showcase will turn its focus slightly in the direction of one of its most iconic images, the “Starfucks” logo. In 2010-2012 Starbucks was BOOMING. Slinger created a play on the Starbucks logo with the Siren (the girl in the circle) giving two middle fingers 🖕🖕
Today one of society’s big concerns is the disproportion of power in the world and a lot of that comes from big businesses. With that in mind Slinger collaborated with Philadelphia based artist, activist and photojournalist Pyroscopic to create new imagery using many familiar logos. Now YOU get to experience this historic degenerate art show “Fuck Your Corporations” by FYC on August 12.
Fuck Your Crew
Fuck Your Corporation
Find Your Center
Feed Your Children
Fuel Your Curiosity
Foster Your Character
Free Your Cerebellum
Forever Young Creatives
Fight Your Cravings
Finish Your Chores
Fuck Your Couch
Find Your Calling
Feel Your Chakras
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