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Stoked Presents: Carwash Glass

Stoked Presents
Carwash Glass
Saturday, March 20th 2021

We are so proud to announce that we are hosting Carwash Glass' very first solo show here at Stoked on Saturday, March 20th 2021. VIP tickets go on sale Tuesday, March 9th at 7:10PM EST on 

Carwash Glass is a dynamic artist duo named Lucy and Shane. They met in their sculpture program at the University Of Wisconsin At Stevens Point in 2013 where they both took a soft glass elective. The soft glass studio had access to a few Carlisle single stage torches which they both took advantage of and their love of borosilicate was born. While at UWSP they were exposed to a diverse group of artists and peers who mentored and influenced how they approached and worked with glass. Spending time together in class led to relationship outside of school and eventually leaving Stevens Point to pursue a career together.

They built their studio in Alden, Minnesota in 2016 and have been there ever since. Lucy and Shane spend most of their time on the torch together in their private studio. Lucy stacks dots to create her Sprites, as well as making eggs, marbles, and pendants. Shane builds the shaping and builds of their hollow work. When the flames are out and the kilns are annealing they work closely to choose colors, conceptualize and design their next pieces together

When they’re not working in the studio Lucy and Shane like to enjoy the great outdoors, camping, hiking and road trips. They are avid VHS and plant collectors and love spending time with their cat, Cathy! 


Ticket Cost: $50

VIP Ticket Includes:

  • 100% of your ticket cost will be applied to any show purchase
  • Private Instagram Account and VIP Website Access

Buying Process:

  • Items will be pushed to a locked portion of our website that only VIP ticket holders can access
  • We accept all major credit cards & Sezzle
  • All payments must be completed on our website
  • In-store payment plans will be available after VIP concludes

Expected Collaborations With:

  • Keelo Glass
  • Congruent Creations

Please send us a message if you have any questions!


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