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Jawn II

Sometimes a show is so good that it needs to have a sequel. Jawn crushed it in 2018 with his first ever solo show at Stoked. Everyone had such a good time that we had to have him back. So almost a year to the day we had him back for a bigger and badder show!

We kicked things off this time around with a demo like none other before it. Juan decided to do a three way collab with local Stoked Studios renters, Alec and Adam. The result was a bent neck gyrocycler with a chip stack by Adam and line work by Alec. It was stunning that a three way collab could produce such an intricate piece in such a short period of time. Needless to say, the demo piece was sold before it was cold.

Shortly after the demo, the doors to the showroom opened to the crowd and it got nuts real fast. The place was packed wall to wall. The Krushmore squad rep was in full effect with Germ, Yook, Diet, Slinger, Hallicat, and Pyroscopic coming out to support Jawn and bring the party. In typical Jawn fashion, the main attraction was an array of mind boggling Gyrocyclers that included collabs with Germ, ESP, and Dan Longden.

As always, Sweet Baby Haze put together the perfectly themed menu for the occasion. When it was time to eat, he served up gyros and falafel that flew out of the kitchen before it even had time to cool off. It was food packed with flavor and depth for a showcase of glass pipes with the same qualities.

In a world filled with mediocre sequels and remakes, this show outdid its already excellent predecessor. We already can’t wait for Jawn III.

Ethan Windy "Toyz"

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