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Crunklestein: Chippin’ Away At It 2019

We’re all chippin’ away at it in one way or another. Most of us live by the ‘rise and grind’ mentality but that doesn’t mean some of us can’t have fun with it. Crunklestein came back through to show us that work and play can be the same thing with Chippin’ Away At It 2019

The demo started as an intimate affair that quickly got larger. Crunk has a way of mixing it up with people that makes it feel less like you’re watching him demo and more like you’re just hanging out with him. His personal style, which can also be seen in his work, radiates when you’re hanging out with him. By 6pm, the line had already formed but before opening the doors Crunkelstein personally thanked the crowd and gave every person in attendance a mili chip.

Crunk blew everyone away with new additions to his latest sculptural theme. He literally brought the whole Zoo. His work is both functional and practical, which can be hard to find in such articulate sculptures. Set on a stand with a removable tongue, the Chameleons maintain their beauty but are easy to handle. Keeping his untamed theme, there were birds and bees including a huge group of collabs. 


One of the biggest crowd pleasers was a collaboration (which sold immediately) with Muller, which featured Muller’s signature patchwork and Crunk’s chips. Crunk and Jolex threw down together on an international piece that was actually made in Switzerland that features Crunk Swiss flag millis. Industry greats like, Jess Durfree, Kuhns, and Blue Soldier Art also contributed to Crunk’s showcase which twisted the themes in new and fun directions


It’s no secret that we’re officially in cookout season. When it was time to eat, Sweet Baby Haze put on yet another masterclass with his “Cookout With Crunk” menu. All the cookout classics hit the table including Cheeseburgers, sausage and peppers, pasta salad (vegan and non), vegan chilli, watermelon, and cucumber water.

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