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Covid and Cannabis: Sammy's Own at Stoked

Back in April, most industries were concerned about the future due to covid, and the cannabis industry was no different. Four months later what are the effects we’re actually seeing? If no human is allowed to be within 6 feet of another human being, the real question is, how are we supposed to pass the pipe? 

Being that Covid is the sole creator of the six-foot distance rule, this is a story about adaptation. Industries aside from cannabis have been facing this predicament as well. Clothing? Food? Hair? If a business can’t allow for customers to exist as-per-usual within a 12 foot bubble (6 feet on each side), then they’ve had to do otherwise. Things we thought we couldn’t go without are just closed and haven’t reopened. (Delivery booze? You betcha.)

Working at Stoked is a dream, but one of the best parts of the job are the events. Before Covid, we hosted interactive glass art shows every month, and we loved them because they were PACKED full of like minded people, from door to door. One of our busiest in-person shows was Lyon’s Glass, pictured below, which was an unforgettable experience (watch full video here).

Sam Lyons blowing glass at Stoked CT event

Sam Lyons at Stoked - check out his Instagram here

Unfortunately with the onslaught of Covid we’ve had to prioritize health above our cherished shows. Like many other businesses, we’ve had to be more flexible than ever in order to safely accommodate our customers during Covid, but we are first and foremost, thankful to still be here. On a positive note, we’ve been able to use this as an opportunity to expand into our online sphere, and we were able to utilize this strategy for our shows as well. We’ve taken everything our shows used to be and transformed them into virtual show experience!

Busy stoked during sam lyons event

Stoked during 2019 Lyon’s Glass event

Although we can’t say the vibe is exactly the same as the in-person experience, we have seen quite a bit of popularity in bringing our shows online. 

And as passing a pipe is, without a doubt, one of the easiest ways to transmit Covid, we found we just needed to rewrite the narrative a bit. We’ve come to learn that just because we can’t “pass the pipe” doesn’t mean we can’t get high together, right?!

Do we want our old shows back? Yes. But, virtual shows work really well for the time being, and of course we’re thankful to be a business who can stay open through Covid at all. So for now, we are channeling all the great vibes from our last Lyon’s show in hopes of a great virtual Lyon’s drop this weekend!!

Stoked Presents: EPG Glass

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