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Justin Carter "Flashback" - Justin Carter x Ryno Duck

Includes bubble cap, terp duck, limited edition Toro x Justin Carter Terp Slurper and pelican

Justin Carter "Flashback" - Justin Carter x Certo Torch

Includes limited edition Toro x Justin Carter Terp Slurper and pelican

Joe Romatowski - T-Rex Skull

Height: 4.5" Width: 2.5" Base Length: 6.5"

Blu Sun Glass x Burtoni

This Wook pendant by Blu Sun and Burtoni features a severed monkey head being clutched in the talons of a bird of prey.Height - 2" Width - 1"

Windstar Glass x Breezy Glass

This 10mm jammer by Windstar and Breezy is made with semitransparent yellow combined with Windstar's hand drawn pot leaves all around the can. There are three UV reactive sculpted leaves on the base, below the joint and on the back of the neck, as well as ten purple horns. Height - 8.5" Width - 3.5" Joint Size - 10mm Joint...

Notorious YIG x Cody Wade Camo Jawn

This 10mm banger hanger by Notorious YIG and Cody Wade features collab camo linework tubing and shaped by YIG. Height - 8" Width - 3" Joint Size - 10mm Joint Angle - 90 Degree Recommended Pelican - 1200

Chaka x John W x Stephen Boehme x Windstar Smoke Shop Of The Year Demo Piece

Made at Stoked Studios, this four way demo collab features work from John W, Stephen Boehme, Windstar and Chaka, and was made during our Glass Vegas Smoke Shop of the Year event. A hand drawn field of mountains by Windstar adorned with huge chips of Boehme and Chaka's milli and showcasing Chaka's sculpted lake ice tech on the mouthpiece and...

Elbo - Shifty Purple Dino Head Rig w/ Peli

Purple Lilac Dino head with dark blue eye millie. Stands 3.5" tall with a 2" base. This bad boy chugga rocks a matching purple lilac two hole removable 10mm down stem.

Pee Jay Glass x Whos Boro Mini Tube

This collab mini tube by Pee Jay and Whos Boro features milli sections on the can, neck and joint, with wig wag accents and booty, and crushed opal everywhere. There is a wig wag opal encased opposite the joint.

Windstar Glass - One Up Rig w/ Matching Cap

This Mario themed banger hanger by Windstar is made with milky blue and features a hand drawn flip of various mystery box prizes, including a one-up mushroom, a fire flower, 2 stars and a blue spiked koopah shell. This rig includes a matching bubble cap. Height - 7" Base Width - 3.5" Joint Size - 10mm Joint Angle - 90...

Ery Glass - Clear Double Recycler

This clear 10mm recycler by Ery features and elegant floating fixed downstem and joint with a 2 hole perc. The central mouthpiece allows for continuous recycling action while remaining completely splash free between the dual rings. Height - 7.5" Base Width - 3" Joint Size - 10mm Joint Angle - 90 degrees Percolator - 2 Hole Recommended Pelican - 1200

Ery Glass - Blue Dichro Accent Torus

This blue dichro accented torus by Ery Glass features a blue dichro accented joint, with a nine hole showerhead perc. The dual uptakes are blue dichro, while the center drain is clear. There is a stack of three marias tapering up the neck, with a fourth, sharper maria made in blue dichro forming the mouthpiece. Height - 8" Base Width...

Steve Sizelove x JDZ

This stunning double uptake recycler by Steve Sizelove and JDZ showcases JDZ's pristine shaping and mind blowing attachment work while seamlessly incorporating Steve's bubble trap, lady torsos, and new fume tech. This masterpiece features 13 signature JDZ horns, including one bubble trap spike suspended internally from the donut section of the mouthpiece which functions as a diffuser. Steve's bubble trap...

Ski Mask Glass - Slyme Krylon Label Spray Can Peak Attachment

This spray paint can peak attachment by Ski Mask is sculpted to look like a can of Krylon spray paint. The perk is made in Slyme in the form of a column of paint ready to be sprayed from the can. Height - 5.5" Percolator- 2 hole Recommended Pelican - 1120 This attachment fits Puffco Peak and Peak Pro 

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