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KSR Glass x Jareds Glass

This 10mm Atlas blooper is #15 in the series by Jared in a perfect blend of his and KSR's style. Made in Hydra and Neutronium and featuring sections of KSR's rake tech on the neck, ball, perc, and joint, with a UV reactive Molten Aura rainbow spiral centered on the back. Height - 6" Base Width - 3" Joint Size...

KSR Glass x Karma - Inception

This inception incycler by KRS and Karma is made with sections of Karma's rainbow linework with a rainbow milli encasement backed in white on the back. Height - 7.5" Base Width - 3" Joint Size - 10mm Joint Angle - 90 degree Percolator - Blooper Incycler Recommended Pelican - 1200

Certo x Murdoc

This mini Vector torch collab by Certo and Murdoc is made in Royal Jelly with chips of Certo's newest milli for the knobs, and Murdoc's carving depicting the molecule for "Butane" as well as facets around the base and joint. Height - 5" Base Width - 2.75" Joint Size - 10mm Joint Angle - 90 Degree Percolator - Two Hole...

Certo - Pattern Work Tube #2

This 10mm jammer by Certo is made in Ghost with a huge blanket of his newest chip stack for the can. Matching milli is used for the joint, the cab on the back, and centered in the booty. Height - 5.5" Base Width - 2.75" Joint Size - 10mm Joint Angle - 45 Degree Percolator - 3 Hole

Certo - Pattern Work Tube #1

This 10mm banger hanger by Certo is made in opalescent blue pink with sections of his newest chip stack for the can and neck. Matching milli is also used for the joint, as well as centered in the booty. Height - 6.5" Base Width - 3.25" Joint Size - 10mm Joint Angle - 90 Degree Percolator - 3 Hole Showerhead

Murdoc "Molecular" - Champagne Specimen

This crystal garden Specimen by Murdoc is made in CFL shifty Serum with a large faceted encased opal gem on the foot, and twelve crystals seeming to grow from the base. every surface has been carved and polished and the joint and mouthpiece have been faceted. This rig includes a fully carved Toro Terp Slurper, an opal-encased top gem and...

Calm - Gazer

This 10mm Gazer banger hanger by Calm is made in pastel green with CFL shifty pastel white to pink accents. There is a faceted cloud and bird attachment on the back, with Calm's signature beak up front. Height - 8" Base Width - 4" Joint Size - 10mm Joint Angle - 90 degree Percolator - 3 hole puck

T.K. Happa x Kevin Murray Sake Bottle

This 10mm sake bottle by T.K. Happa and Kevin Murray is made in Ghost with bands of Kevin's filla work on the can, neck and joint. Height - 8.5" Base Width - 2.25" Joint Size - 10mm Joint Angle - 45 degrees Percolator - 2 hole Recommended Pelican - 1200

J Smart - Holy Cow

This whimsical 10mm rig by J Smart is a conceptual creation from the artist's own mind, bringing to life the catechism "Holy Cow!" in meticulously sculpted caramel, with black hooves and holy spots, a pink nose and udders, and even a few flies! This cow features a mouthpiece centered on the snout, as well as a set of perfectly natural...

J Smart - When Pigs Fly

This whimsical 10mm rig by J Smart is a conceptual creation from the artist's own mind, bringing to life the catechism "When pigs fly" in meticulously sculpted pink, with black feet, white wings, and ivory teeth. True to form, this pig features a dual-hole pig snout mouthpiece, as well as a removable curly pig-tail dabber, which rests in the joint...

Green T Glass - Blue Art Deco Sacred Vessel

This Egyptian inspired functional vessel by Green T is made in brilliant custom blue and black, with hand etched carvings inlaid with 24k gold filigree. This rig features a mirror etched marble centered between the twin handles. Height - 6.5" Base Width - 2.5" Joint Size - 10mm Joint Angle - 90 degree Percolator - 2 hole Recommended Pelican -...

Tubesock Glass Hustle - Royal Jelly, Citron, Crushed Opal & Linework Begg Beater

Height - 9.5" Base Width - 2.75"Joint Size - 10mmJoint Angle - 90 degreePercolator - 7 hole puckRecommended Pelican - 1400

Justin Carter "Flashback" - Justin Carter x Certo Hammer

Length - 4.5" Width - 2.5" Height - 2.5" Includes pelican 

Windstar Glass x Breezy Glass

This 10mm jammer by Windstar and Breezy is made with semitransparent yellow combined with Windstar's hand drawn pot leaves all around the can. There are three UV reactive sculpted leaves on the base, below the joint and on the back of the neck, as well as ten purple horns. Height - 8.5" Width - 3.5" Joint Size - 10mm Joint...

Chaka x John W x Stephen Boehme x Windstar - Smoke Shop Of The Year Demo Piece

Made at Stoked Studios, this four way demo collab features work from John W, Stephen Boehme, Windstar and Chaka, and was made during our Glass Vegas Smoke Shop of the Year event. A hand drawn field of mountains by Windstar adorned with huge chips of Boehme and Chaka's milli and showcasing Chaka's sculpted lake ice tech on the mouthpiece and...

2STROKE - Nightfall Mini Tube

The 2 Stroke Nightfall Mini Tube is a flawless 45 degree jammer, made with Molten Aura Royal Jelly over Glass Alchemy Mystique, featuring two stunning heliocoil rainbow fade chipstack sections and a massive hunk of UV Strokenite centered off the rear. This piece has a removable 10mm downstem with a three hole diffy, made with Royal Jelly. Height - 8"...

Hendy - Meditating Dog

The Hendy rig is a full sculptural piece, featuring a floppy earred Brown and Tan meditating Dog with a calm, yet focused expression. The dog's robe is Really Teally, which brings a nice contrast to the Lime tennis ball in the left paw. Height - 7.5" Base - 2.25" Joint Size - 10mm Joint Angle - 45 Recommended Pelican - 1200

Certo x Glasstro - Mini Torch

The Certo x Glasstro collaboration torch is transparent Orange with Glasstro's rasta themed line work on the nozzle and body. There are two matching metallic murrinis by Certo on opposite sides of the nozzle, and a Glasstro murrini behind the nozzle. Height - 5" Base - 2.5" Joint Size - 10mm Joint Angle - 90˚ Percolator - Jet Perc Recommended...

Crux Glass - Dichro Over Potion, Hydro Electric & Illuminati Fully Tricked Out Rebubbler

The Crux Glass Rebubbler is a triple uptake & double drain! Three full Reticello sections, paired with sections of dicro over Potion Over Hydro Electric! Fully faceted mouthpiece, marble attachment, joint, downstem, can and return funnel! 2 sets of 3 horns on each side & Two opal encasement accents on the front of the can! Faceted fume implosion honeycomb marble with opal...

Groe-Knows - Insano Tube #25 w/ Peli

Height: 7.5" Joint Size: 10mm Base: 2.5" Percolator: 2 Hole Pelican Included

Brian Jacobson x Dream Lab - Torricelli Cycler

Height: 8" Joint Size: 10mm Base: 3" Percolator: 4 Hole Recommended Pelican: 1200

JDZ - "Prodigium Oculi" Peace Pipe

This JDZ is the "Prodigium Oculi" Peace Pipe and created using Blurple, a very limited experimental color by Northstar Glass. It will appear to be blue in some light and purple in others, yet it is not considered a CFL reactive color. It is part of his Monsters Of Flow series, an elite collection of grandiose peace pipes.    Height: 3 1/4"...

Melitz x Pakoh Collab

Height: 8 1/2" Joint Size: 14mm Base: 4 1/4" Recommended Pelican: 1400

J.O.P Black and White Chicken

Height: 9" Joint Size: 14mm  Base: 4.5" x 3.5" ( L x W ) Percolators: 2 Hole Recommended Pelican: 1400 

Melitz x Whitney Harmon - Green Montage Set w/ Peli

So. Much. Crushed. Opal!!!Height: 7.5" Joint Size: 14mm Base: 3" Percolators: 8 Hole Recommended Pelican: 1200

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