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Banjo X Cowboy Hammer #2

The Banjo hammer is a collaboration with Cowboy, featuring Banjos's shaping with Cowboy's line work on the base, the neck, and the body of the pipe. Four encasements are attached around the bottom on the pipe including; a Banjo millie backing an encased opal, a Cowboy millie, another Banjo millie, and lastly an opal. The three millie encasements are faceted, as well as around the push. 

Banjo X Cowboy Hammer #3

The Banjo hammer is a collaboration with Cowboy, featuring Banjos's shaping with Cowboy's line work on the base, the neck, and the body of the pipe. Four alternating millies made by Cowboy and Banjo wrap around the bottom on the piece, with the first two faceted. Around the push is also faceted in a two tier honeycomb pattern.

Elbo "Tectonic Shift" - Sunfire Dilophosaurus w/ Peli

This Open Mouth Dilophosaurus made with Sunfire, an extremely rare/extinct single batch color from Glass Alchemy, comes packed in a pelican with a certificate of authenticity by ELBO. 

Joe P - Five Headed Alien Rig

This Joe P rig will be well appreciated by his long time followers and collectors. Back in the 2012, Joe P was transitioning his sculptural work to functional. The majority of his work was heavily influenced by wildlife and nature, until he decided to create the extraterrestrial vision of what he would consider to be out of this world. That's when he...

JDZ Mirage Triplex

The JDZ Triplex is a triple uptake recycler. The main color used in this piece is CFL reactive Mirage, with accents of Gold Amethyst. There are 10 horns throughout the pipe, 7 exterior and 3 interior on the perc.  Height - 8" Base - 3' Joint Size - 14mm Joint Angle - 90˚ Percolator - Slitted Three Hole Recommended Pelican...

JDZ White and Blue Double Disk

The JDZ Double Disk is a double uptake recycler, featuring 30 horns throughout the pipe. The main colors used in this piece are Lotus White, Peacock, and Twilight. The mouthpiece is a white section that is cold worked at an angle, with blue line work over white and clear encalmo sections below it. The body of the pipe is mostly clear...

Joe P x Certo Water Dragon

The Joe P x Certo collaboration "Water Dragon" is a full size dragon that's waiting to be tamed. The latest in Certo's Fluid Series, this piece mimics a dragon that has morphed from the splash of an object dropping from high above into water. Splashes of water mimic what should be the scales covering the majority of the body. The spine and belly are...

Groe-Knows Insano Tube #25 w/ Peli

Height: 7.5" Joint Size: 10mm Base: 2.5" Percolator: 2 Hole Pelican Included

Joe P x Sam Lyons Dragon Head

Height: 5" Joint Size: 10mm Base: 5" Percolator: 2 Hole Recommended Pelican: 1300

Brian Jacobson x Dream Lab Torricelli Cycler

Height: 8" Joint Size: 10mm Base: 3" Percolator: 4 Hole Recommended Pelican: 1200

Brian Jacobson - UV Torricelli

Height: 10" Joint Size: 10mm Base: 3.5"  Percolators: 2 HoleRecommended Pelican: 1400

JDZ "Prodigium Oculi" Peace Pipe

This JDZ is the "Prodigium Oculi" Peace Pipe and created using Blurple, a very limited experimental color by Northstar Glass. It will appear to be blue in some light and purple in others, yet it is not considered a CFL reactive color. It is part of his Monsters Of Flow series, an elite collection of grandiose peace pipes.    Height: 3 1/4"...

Melitz x Pakoh Collab

Height: 8 1/2" Joint Size: 14mm Base: 4 1/4" Recommended Pelican: 1400

Toyz - Coyle x Windy "Egg Chimp"

Height: 5"  Joint Size: 10mm  Base: 2.75" Percolators:  2 hole Recommended Pelican: 1300 

Made At Stoked - Melt Meet Up Studio Collab

Height: 8.75" Joint Size: 10mm Base: 3.5" x 5.75" ( L x W ) Percolators: 2 Hole Recommended Pelican: 1450

J.O.P Black and White Chicken

Height: 9" Joint Size: 14mm  Base: 4.5" x 3.5" ( L x W ) Percolators: 2 Hole Recommended Pelican: 1400 

Melitz x Whitney Harmon Green Montage Set w/ Peli

Height: 7.5" Joint Size: 14mm Base: 3" Percolators: 8 Hole Recommended Pelican: 1200

Phil Siegel Pipe Classic 11 1st Place Winning Set Entitled #SquadGoals Wizard, Griffin, Dragon & Culdron

Includes Dragon Figurine & Functional Cauldron Storage Container: Wizard:                                       Griffin:    Height - 8.5"                               Height - 6.5"    Joint Size -  10mm        ...

Charley Reynolds x AmorGlass Noah Rick & Morty Flip Blackhole

Height: 8" Joint Size: 14mm Base: 2.5" Percolators: 2 Hole Recommended Pelican: 1200

Chadd Lacey x Jack Steele Blackfish Killer Whale

Height: 12" Joint Size: 14mm Base: 5.5" x 9 " ( L x W ) Percolators: 2 Hole

Purdy x Germ - Montage Sidewinder

Height: 8" Joint Size: 14mm  Base: 2.75" Percolators: 2 Hole Recommended Pelican: 1400 

Grimm Glass Single Layer Cactus Tube

Grimm Glass x Greg Wilson single layer milli scene sculpted cactus tube Height: 7" Joint Size: 10mm  Base: 2.5" Percolators: 3 Hole Recommended Pelican: 1300

Grimm Glass x Greg Wilson Double Layer Cactus Rig with Carb Cap

Grimm x Greg Wilson Double Layer millie scene sculpted cactus mini tube Height: 6.5"  Joint Size: 10mm Base: 2.5" Percolators: 3 Hole   Recommended Pelican: 1300

Jerry Kelly x Coyle Sherlock

Length: 5.5"

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