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Earl Jr x Jenkins


Peter Muller - #9 Doll

This stand-up 10mm doll rig by Peter Muller is inspired by the animated Tim Burton film #9 and includes a detailed base, carb cap and stand, and dabber scepter, as well as Muller's trademark needle dabber with spool stand. Height - 11" Base Width - 8" Joint Size - 10mm Joint Angle - 90 degree  

HicDogg x Windstar x Matty White x Fancy Yancy - Bubbler

This collaborative masterpiece by HicDogg, Windstar, Fancy Yancy and Matty White is the ultimate "old School" bubbler, with everything from the eight milli encalmo discs to the perfectly placed snorkel carb, the multiple rainbow linework horns, or the matching 14 mm slide, this bub has it all! Dimensions - HUGE (will measure soon)

Akio x Rose Roads - Chameleon Head

Made with Royal Jelly and Meta-Terrania. Includes Pelican Case. Height - 7.25" Base Width - 3" Joint Size - 10mm Joint Angle - 45 degree Percolator - Removable 3 hole

Joe P x Certo Water Dragon

The Joe P x Certo collaboration "Water Dragon" is a full size dragon that's waiting to be tamed. The latest in Certo's Fluid Series, this piece mimics a dragon that has morphed from the splash of an object dropping from high above into water. Splashes of water mimic what should be the scales covering the majority of the body. The spine and belly are...

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