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Focus V - Carta 2

Focus V resides at the cutting edge of technology with a smart rig geared towards the future. The CARTA 2 boasts a larger atomizer with a 360° heating element & optimized airflow. An OLED screen displays everything you need to know in real time. The new mobile app allows you full control with seamless response times and a sleek aesthetic...

Peter The Doge - Hash Top Marble & Milli Slice

23.21mm Marble 18.29mm x 8.25mm x 1.18mm Encased Milli Slice

Oddball Glass - Green Opal & Blue Caramel Hand Stand

114.28mm tall 71.9mm x 70.95 mm base/width 46.70mm x 45.92mm 1.5 inches deep

Oddball Glass - Elvis & Phoenix Hand Stand

120mm tall (from base to top of fingers) 71.50 width. 45.40mm inside width. 1.5 inch deep storage.  

Oddball Glass - Purple Rainbow Hand Stand

42.98mm base 68.90mm tall

Hickory - Classic Flare Marble Stand

2.25" tall 2.4" wide

Hickory - Small Burnt Marble Stand

1.75" tall 1.75" wide

Hickory - Burnt Flare Marble Stand

1.75" tall 1" wide

Hickory - Classic Large Marble Stand

3.25" tall 2.5" wide

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