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Our Progressive Smoke Shop was voted #1 Glass Shop in the United States

Why “progressive”?

We started Stoked in 2013 because we recognized the need for something entirely different in the world of smoke shops.

We wanted our customers to be stoked about coming to our store! We wanted them to hang out with us, learn about products and artists from knowledgeable staff, and leave the store stoked about the experience.

We’re in a great space in the historic Black Rock section of Bridgeport. It was an old bait and tackle shop before we gutted it, put in new cement floors and fresh lighting, and filled the room with display cases to showcase the cutting-edge of Borosilicate Glass Art and cannabis innovation.

Our buyers travel the country to meet artists in person and establish long-term relationships, enabling us to introduce some of the most unique artwork in the world directly to our customers. Many of these artists have appeared at our monthly in-store events, giving demonstrations, and unveiling new collections in our gallery.

In addition to our gallery, we operate a full-time glass-blowing studio with seven resident artisans. We offer workspace rentals, materials, and classes seven days a week!

Visit our store 10 am-8 pm Seven days a week or 24 hours a day on to experience a cultural revolution.

Zac W
Zac W

Nickname: Big Z, Zacariah

Role: Part Owner/Boss Man/Mom

Flower Or Concentrates?: Flower guy

Favorite Piece In Your Personal Collection?: Damn that’s difficult... I have so many that I love. Maybe one of my older pieces that I acquired circa 2000 - ‘04. I have a MNP Sherlock that I bought during high school which started my passion for glass collecting and has a lot of personal nostalgia.

Favorite Place And Why?: I will never turn down a trip to New Orleans! I love the rich culture and how they illustrate that history through cuisine. No better place to party, eat and people watch.

Fun Fact About Yourself: I love fishing, particularly offshore fishing. The feeling of catching a fish that’s twice the size of me is an adrenaline rush that can’t be beat. True offshore fishing is one of the most humbling experiences. The size and depth of the ocean makes a human feel insignificant. In fact being in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is right up there with being in New Orleans as far as I’m concerned. Although the food isn’t as good.

Charlie R
Charlie R

Nickname: Charlieb

Role: Part Owner/Boss Man/Dad

Flower Or Concentrates?: Roses are red, violets are blue but HREAM!

Favorite Piece In Your Personal Collection?: Gonzo x JP Cicero Fixie Flask. Perfect size daily driver and that rainbow fade coil gets me every time.

Favorite Place And Why?: I love Mexico; the food, the culture, the beach and the ocean. I also love the mountains; Snowboarding gets me Stoked!

Fun Fact About Yourself: I'm into good food, cooking and entertaining.

Tasha R.
Tasha R.

Nickname: Tash

Role: General Manager/HBIC

How Long Have You Been Stoked?: 3 and ½ crazy years!

Flower Or Concentrates?: FLOWER POWER!

Favorite Piece In Your Personal Collection?: This one is really hard for me because everyone has a story! I would have to say my Chilary Bogart space spoon that features a stealie flip from our “American Beauty” flyer - This show was a huge accomplishment for us and it's like a trophy to me.

Favorite Place And Why?: VIVA LAS VEGAS! Nothing beats a fancy hotel room, huge tub, french food and degenerate shenanigans in the desert.

Fun Fact About Yourself: I live for Rupaul’s Drag Race. No tea, no shade, no pink lemonade.

Bruce S.
Bruce S.

Nickname: Brucel

Role: Photographer

How Long Have You Been Stoked?: Around 4 years

Flower Or Concentrates?: Flower guy

Favorite Piece In Your Personal Collection?: Can't say I have a particular favorite in my collection but I can say anything that comes from one of the Stoked Studio members always puts a warm smile on my face. From Kyle Wilson all the way down to Mary Rotunda there's a vast amount of talent brewing through those doors.

Favorite Place And Why?: Myrtle Beach, SC.- My families vacation spot

Fun Fact About Yourself: I love cooking, baking, movies, video games and television.

Nate D.
Nate D.

Nickname: Nater

Role: Shipping & Retail

How Long Have You Been Stoked?: 4 years

Flower Or Concentrates?: EDIBLES!

Favorite Piece In Your Personal Collection?: KNW fixie flask

Favorite Place And Why?: Bubbly Pool, Jost Van Dyke, BVI. It’s a natural, ocean fed jacuzi on an almost deserted island in the Caribbean.

Fun Fact About Yourself: My thumbs are double jointed from playing too much Nintendo as a kid.

Ryan M.
Ryan M.

Nickname: Sweet Baby Haze/Sleep Baby Haze

Role: Chef, Retail, Social Media

How Long Have You Been Stoked?: 3 years

Flower Or Concentrates?: Hash

Favorite Piece In Your Personal Collection?: Jawn Owens Gyrocycler - I made him gyros and the rest is history.

Favorite Place And Why?: Phish tour and lot life. Can’t pass up a 3 for $10.

Fun Fact About Yourself: I love IKEA but I also hate IKEA. I also like to cook.

Kyle W.
Kyle W.

Nickname: KNW Glass/Kyle-Son

Role: Retail & Social Media

How Long Have You Been Stoked?: 1 and 1/2 years

Flower Or Concentrates?: Concentrates

Favorite Piece In Your Personal Collection?: Raj x 2mach clit commander

Favorite Place And Why?: Glacier national park; because it was the coolest place I’ve ever been, I went hiking barefoot in the snow in July!

Fun Fact About Yourself: I have a shiba Inu named Hachi who loves cheez-its and I also have a bench in the Stoked Studio. I love flameworking, food, and traveling.

Emma E
Emma E

Nickname: Soup

Role: Retail, tie-dyeologist

How Long Have You Been Stoked?: Since June, 2021

Flower Or Concentrates?: Yes

Favorite Piece In Your Personal Collection?: Dan longden spoon

Favorite Place And Why?: My favorite place to be is the beach in West Haven. It’s nostalgic for me because I grew up in the area and only have good memories there. I also just love the ocean.

Fun Fact About Yourself: I’m an artist. I love soup. My favorite colors are red and purple, I love them equally.

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