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Phil Siegel

Muller x Phil Siegel - Starry Night Standup Doll w/ Cap, Dabber & Peli

This full-size voodoo doll rig by Muller and Phil Siegel features a patchwork design created by Muller and the iconic Starry Night prep from Phil Siegel, along with puffy cloud accents and a matching cloud base. It comes with a removable kitchen knife dabber and a bubble cap. Furthermore, this doll is equipped with a spool dabber holder and a...

Phil Siegel - Pipe Classic 11 Conjunto ganador del 1er lugar titulado #SquadGoals Wizard, Griffin, Dragon & Culdron

Incluye figura de dragón y contenedor de almacenamiento de caldero funcional: Mago: Grifo: Altura - 8,5" Altura - 6,5" Tamaño de la junta: 10 mm Tamaño de la junta: 10 mm (macho) Base: 2" Base: 3,5" x 2,25" (largo x ancho) Cafeteras - 2 orificios Cafeteras - 1 orificio Pelícano recomendado (para juego): 1450

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