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Scotty Mickle x HicDogg

This mandala recycler by Scotty Mickle and HicDogg is decked out in HicDogg's skeletal dragon remains, with Scotty's pristine shaping and wildly functional design forming the backbone of the piece, all adorned with Hic's literal backbones, and even a pair of wing bones! Height - 10" Width - 10" Base Width - 3.75" Joint Size - 14mm Joint Angle -...

Green T Glass - Blue Art Deco Sacred Vessel

This Egyptian inspired functional vessel by Green T is made in brilliant custom blue and black, with hand etched carvings inlaid with 24k gold filigree. This rig features a mirror etched marble centered between the twin handles. Height - 6.5" Base Width - 2.5" Joint Size - 10mm Joint Angle - 90 degree Percolator - 2 hole Recommended Pelican -...

Akio x Rose Roads - Chameleon Head

Made with Royal Jelly and Meta-Terrania. Includes Pelican Case. Height - 7.25" Base Width - 3" Joint Size - 10mm Joint Angle - 45 degree Percolator - Removable 3 hole

Chaka x John W x Stephen Boehme x Windstar - Smoke Shop Of The Year Demo Piece

Made at Stoked Studios, this four way demo collab features work from John W, Stephen Boehme, Windstar and Chaka, and was made during our Glass Vegas Smoke Shop of the Year event. A hand drawn field of mountains by Windstar adorned with huge chips of Boehme and Chaka's milli and showcasing Chaka's sculpted lake ice tech on the mouthpiece and...

Certo - Galaxy Kaleidoscope Rainbow Pattern Pendant

The Certo pendant is Certo's Rainbow murrini cluster with a Galaxy bale. Height - 1.5" Width - 1.25"

Certo x Glasstro - Mini Torch

The Certo x Glasstro collaboration torch is transparent Orange with Glasstro's rasta themed line work on the nozzle and body. There are two matching metallic murrinis by Certo on opposite sides of the nozzle, and a Glasstro murrini behind the nozzle. Height - 5" Base - 2.5" Joint Size - 10mm Joint Angle - 90˚ Percolator - Jet Perc Recommended...

Certo x Kuhns - Geo Traveler

The Certo x Kuhns collaboration has Certo's Black and White tile pattern with Kuhn's shaping of the Geo Traveler. This piece comes with a matching carb cap and comes in a 1050 Pelican case. Height - 2.75" Base - ~1" Joint Size - 10mm Joint Angle - 45˚

Jake C x Cody Olson - Raindrop 6 Section Jar

The Jake C x Cody Olsen jar has 6 sections of Jake C's wig wag and Cody Olsen's shaping. 

Joe P x Certo Water Dragon

The Joe P x Certo collaboration "Water Dragon" is a full size dragon that's waiting to be tamed. The latest in Certo's Fluid Series, this piece mimics a dragon that has morphed from the splash of an object dropping from high above into water. Splashes of water mimic what should be the scales covering the majority of the body. The spine and belly are...

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