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Hermit Hammer #1

Length: 4.25"

Chris Hubbard Sherlock w/ Milli

Length: 4.5"

Jerry Kelly x Coyle Sherlock

Length: 5.5"

GPS "Silhouette Sidearm" Dry Pipe

Length: 2.5"

Hickory - Red Cedar Windswept Spoon

The Hickory spoon is a windswept style dry pipe that features a natural and organic shape. It has the ability to be stable on its own while sitting on your table, as well as sitting comfortably in your hand. The whole pipe is made from Hickory's Red Cedar woodtech.

Hickory - Small Red Cedar Spoon

Picture Shown is a representation of this style. Each piece varies slightly. After you complete your purchase, please contact us via Live Chat or Instagram Dm for Selection. Otherwise a Stoked Staff Member will pick their favorite for you.

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