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Grimm Glass x Greg Wilson Double Layer Cactus Rig with Carb Cap

Grimm x Greg Wilson Double Layer millie scene sculpted cactus mini tube Height: 6.5"  Joint Size: 10mm Base: 2.5" Percolators: 3 Hole   Recommended Pelican: 1300

Chadd Lacey x Jack Steele Blackfish Killer Whale

Height: 12" Joint Size: 14mm Base: 5.5" x 9 " ( L x W ) Percolators: 2 Hole

Phil Siegel Pipe Classic 11 1st Place Winning Set Entitled #SquadGoals Wizard, Griffin, Dragon & Culdron

Includes Dragon Figurine & Functional Cauldron Storage Container: Wizard:                                       Griffin:    Height - 8.5"                               Height - 6.5"    Joint Size -  10mm        ...

Gonzoe x Glass by Bures Fixie Flask & Matching Bubble Cap w/ Peli

Height: 5.5" Joint Size: 10mm Base: 2.25" Percolators: 2 Hole Comes With Pelican 1150

Hickory Red Cedar Tube w/ Slide

Height: 6" Joint Size: 14mm Base: 4" Percolators: 2 hole Recommended Pelican:  1150

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