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On January 20th 2018, Jonathan Rickert helped us ring in the new year with a show that set the tone for the year to come.

Rickerts solo work is not only super clean, its filled with technique and acquired knowledge. He takes Linework to another level by experimenting with different applications and designs. Jon is a humble artist who works glass in a way that looks kinda like meditation, focus and fluidity, it is most fun to watch. Check out the recap video on our YouTube. Rickert combines life experience with work experience to make a well rounded artist/business. His price points are phenomenal for the work and we will always have some Rickert glass available in shop.


While his solo work can stand it’s own any day of the week, Rickert also came packing a ton of collabs with his good friends. Combo heaters loaded the selves from Rickert and artists like JuJu, Slumgold, Stevie P, Chip, Matt 2k, Natey Love, Spacewalk, McSquared, Dan Longden, and Samson. There was something there by everyone for everyone.

With the vibe being collab heavy, Jon also brought in a special guest artist to perform his demo with. The guest? None other than incredible Dan Longden.

The torches were lit at 2pm and the prep and assembly went on through the afternoon. Rickert and Dan threw down on a reverse style collab on two pieces. For the first one, Rickert made his triple pillar mini tube design with Dan’s linework sections. After that they flipped and Dan made a Longden style minitube with Rickerts line sections. While the demo was rolling the party was roaring. More and more people just kept showing up! By the time the reveal rolled around, we were wall to wall with all of our best friends.

The reveal itself was wild as per usual at Stoked. VIP pass holders swooped in and got their scoops early (one of which was the highly sought after 40 oz collab with Slumgold). With the huge range of price points and styles available, there wasn’t much left on the shelf by the time the doors closed for the night.

Rigsquad Mike caught up with Rickert with a few questions about his inspirations and how he came up in the glass world:

Stoked: How long have you been blowing glass?

Rickert: 10 years

S: When was the moment you decided to go from interest to action?

R: Not too sure but probably when a friend of mine needed a place to build a shop and I had a huge basement?

S: Who are some of your inspirations?

R: My mom and dad, Banjo, Tyson Peltzer.

S: Favorite Whiskey?

R: Pretty hard to answer but most recently Eagle Rare 10year.

S: Favorite Meal?

R: Also very hard to narrow down but any kind of good ol’ southern cooking.

S: How was it working with Dan Longden?

R: Working with Dan was awesome. I thought we meshed pretty well.

S: Favorite moments from your show at Stoked?

R: The whole experience at stoked was amazing but probably finishing the triple pillar tube in record time while also socializing.

S: What inspires you to wake up and grind?”

R: My son inspires pretty much every day.

Next up on the Stoked show lineup is none other than Mt. Krushmore native, Jawn Owens. Another debut show should mean another great time. We’ll count on seeing you there but until then, stay glassy!

Jawn Owens

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