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Kurt B “Flash Exhibition” Secret Show

Sometimes, a man is preceded by his own legend…

On June 10th, at midnight we released a simple image of a big ol’ blonde, bushy mustache. At that moment, everyone knew what we had in store for them

Kurt B’s flash exhibit had been full steam ahead clear across this great nation. At each stop, the exhibit was stopping the hearts of many a glass enthusiast. We knew it was something we had to part of.

In order to exhibit art, one must create an art exhibit. Kurt spent the next few hours meticulously hanging lights around the gallery, creating the perfect ambience for the reveal. Next, he rolled out the infamous white carpet and podium which set the stage for the main act. Lastly, came the art, which despite the preceding grandeur, did not disappoint.

Behind enormous black out shades, on the other side of the windows, people began to line up outside. The crowds buzzing; anticipation crackled in the air as they anxiously awaited to get through the door. All the while, we were inside trying to keep our jaws off the floor as we floated around the display, snapping our own photos and videos; keepsakes of the work that would soon sell at a stunning speed.When the doors finally opened the serious collectors, glass enthusiasts, and curious onlookers flooded in and surrounded the display. Phones in outstretched hands hovered over the crowd as people captured the affair. The work sold so fast that we had to ask that it stay on the podium until the show was over so that everyone would have the opportunity to admire the work.

The Vermont Maple Syrup collection was a testament to not only where Kurt resides now, but also to his family’s heritage. Owners of a long closed saloon and restaurant, The Three Door Inn, the family was known for more than just it’s food and hospitality. During Prohibition, the local police allowed the family to continue distilling moonshine. If anyone was going to do it, the police preferred it to be them.

The Celtic borders surrounding the moonshine bottles and other vessels are a tribute to the border around the menu at the restaurant. The crest seen on some of the pieces is the same crest that hung above the doorway in the main dining hall of The Three Door Inn.  Beyond the craftsmanship and attention to detail in each item, there was a rich sense of history and tradition surrounding it that brought it together into a master work.

We interrupted our regular programming with this secret show but “Pop!” with Blitzkriega is still up next! We’ll see you then!

Until then, stay glassy!

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