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Flame Fest 2016

2016 was the first year we gave our anniversary party a name of it’s own. While Flame Fest 2016 was the first of many to come, it set the bar pretty high, because it was a kickass party!


September 10th was a hot and humid day, but despite the heat, all our friends came out and partied with us at what was most definitely our best party yet. With Chadd Lacy, Charley Reynolds, Perdy, Sable Haze, and Adrienne Disalvo under the demo tent, it was a day where raw glass and talent came together to create eccentrically beautiful art. Each artist brought their individual styles to the table and the whole show was a spectacle you could barely take your eyes away from.

img_6284 img_6365-2

img_6240 img_6515

img_6321-2 img_6401

To add to the amazing artwork, some of our local Blackrock pals brought some artwork of their own. Walrus and Carpenter’s food was so delicious that it was hard to keep your composure even just looking at it. Aspetuck Brew Lab helped keep things cool with the tastiest, coldest beer in all of CT. Last but not least, the whole show moved to the vibes that DJ Dharma was putting into the air.

img_6388-2 img_6404 img_6505

Next up on the event docket is our Halloween pendent show, Ultra Lit. This part is sure to live up to it’s name, so be here, October 29th at 8pm, because this event is going to live up to its name!


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