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Doom Pocket Flask Release Party

“These little shredders function as if they were spawned from satan. When you take a rip, an involuntary grin spreads across your face as if you’ve been possessed.”   -Mike Stoked

 You know it’s going to be one hell of a time when Doom comes to town. His desire to hustle and be behind the flame runs deep. Each day he’s up at sunrise riding his bike to the studio for an opportunity at an early start. His craft is art as well as a way of life.

 A few weeks back Doom manifested an idea. Through flame, glass, mind and muscle, the functional Pocket Flask Rig was born. These little shredders function as if it they were spawned from satan. When you take a rip an involuntary grin spreads across your face as if you’ve been possessed.

Following the initial social media reveal, Doom & Mike discussed about how epic the flasks were and how he was due for a trip back east. Then another idea was born: A “Doom Pocket Flask Release Party” at Stoked. This time, we would be working with a shorter time frame but with the concept already set in stone, we go heavy promoting and preparing for the event. Between the time of the announcement and the show, there was a ton of interest and inquiries and we new we had built quite the nice hype train.

IMG_1457 IMG_1509

 Dooms glass work & following of collectors directly reflects his work ethic and dedication to the game. Aside from the Pocket Flasks,Doom also brought a ton of other work including Klein Recyclers, PerFume bottles, Scallop Fume Banger Hangers, ISO bottles, and Liquid Drinking Flasks. This brought loyal collectors from near and far, eager to get a stab at the Flasks as well as some of classics.

IMG_0825 IMG_0929

 As soon as the reveal went down, these babies started to fly. The house was packed with our biggest crowd yet and everyone was chomping at the bit to get a hold of Doom’s new work. His Scallop Fume tech Flasks puked rainbows of color and the Fumey Space tech explored galaxies unknown. Beyond those, the Encalmo, experimental cfl, maple syrup , and serendipity called to the collectors, whom could not resist their siren song. Even if you weren’t making a scoop, you were having a great time. The energy in the room was truly electric.

IMG_0849 IMG_0975

IMG_0856 IMG_0771

 Throughout the party we had the whole Stoked social media crew on the scene. Our Instagram was LIVE streaming wide angle video of the event and an HD drone buzzed overhead, filming a unique perspective & capturing all the excitement. We wanted to make sure no one missed out on the fun.
Want to see just how much fun it was? check out the full aerial coverage drone video right here in this blog. Also Check out the Stoked Homepage & Event Calendar for more information on our next big event. Stay Stoked!


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