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Boro Circus 2017

Boro Circus was an event that we created with a few thoughts in mind: First being that we wanted to bring the art of glass blowing to the grand stage to share with a broader audience. Easy, right? Well the next thought was that we’d need to invite three unique artists to showcase a handful of styles. Lastly, the show needed to be fun as hell…

Fast forward to April 15th 2017 as the big top rolled into town for our third annual Boro Circus. This years featured artists were the incredible Jerry Kelly, Stevie P, and JuJu . Well, you know how we do: full on featured artist gallery show inside, artists, fuel, and flame outside.

JuJu, Stevie, and Jerry collaborated on two functional art pieces that showcased their individual styles. The first was a classic mini tube in Jerry’s shaping with layered milli underneath Stevie’s incredible retti patterns, capped off with a sick JuJu neck section and dot stack cab adornment. Next up was a fixed Stevie P shaped banger hanger packed with Jerry Kelly grateful dead millies, double layer Stevie retti, a JuJu textured dot stack cab on the back, complete with opal adornments.

Our friends at Aspetuck Brew Lab were slinging suds all day long as the crowd surged back and forth between the demo and packed gallery floor inside. BFF brought the food game to the next level with showstoppers like the Boro Circus BBQ Pulled Pork sammies and the Stoked Loaded Chili Cheese Fries. Between the glasswork, the grub, the beers, it was the best Boro Circus yet and we only plan on making them better going forward!

Up next on the event list is an indoor gallery show called “POP”. It will be the premier solo show that features new work by acclaimed artist, Blitzkriega. The show’s main focus will be woodgrain collaborations with big name artists and a fresh drop of prismatic balloon dogs. Stay tuned because we have a full calendar of events this year with one every month. Our Instagram feed will keep you in the loop as well as give you first dibs and first look at new glass drops before they’re on our website.

Artist Profile: Jacob Vincent

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