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Babedrienne’s Bones

The ever talented Adrien Disalvo, AKA Babedrienne, is no stranger to Stoked. On May 19th, 2018 she brought the heat…. Or should we say the cold? You see, Babedrienne is a cold carver who is known best for bringing her unique style to some of the most breathtaking collaborations in the business.

Because she doesn’t shape glass, all of her work is a collaboration. Don’t let that fool you though because her artistry is on another level. She specializes in two kinds of carving that each require  expertise:

  1. Surface carving – Striking colors (shiny and/or reflective) are layered on top of darker colors. The carving then scratches away the brighter color to reveal the darker color beneath
  2. Deep carving – Clear, colored, and frit glass are layered at various levels. Then, depending on how deep the carving is, the effect in the artwork changes.  

The result is a touch on collaborative glass work that is unmistakable. Not just because of the the quality of the work but because of Adrienne’s unique style. She’s always been interested in the intricacies of how skeletal systems work and brings that aesthetic to her work. The show itself became a collection of bone-laden heaters.

The demo was a rad throwdown of various styles and types of work. Adrienne made a show of cold carving a Chadd Lacy whale’s tale  with her surface carving technique, giving it a multi-layered effect. Meanwhile, special guests Chadd Lacy and MTP worked the torches to mold glass that was either pre-carved by Adrienne, or slated to be carved. MTPs frit layered cat butt sherlock was too hot to be carved on the day of the event but it’s expected to drop soon.

After the reveal, everyone got to put their eyes on collaborations with artists like Chadd Lacy, Kurt B, Coyle, Nerv, Nathan Belmont, Sable Haze, Shackman, and more. While all of the work was awesome, there were three that stood out: A set of skeletal dolphin and manatee rigs (made by the husband and wife team of Chadd and Adrienne) and a collab with Kurt B in the form of his exclusive Honey Bear… which he only makes one of each year. As a fun bonus, Babedrienne made a functioning Honey Bear Operation game which really blew some minds!

Babedrienne’s Bones was a show that, at its core, was about art, friendship, and collaboration. It was definitely one of our most memorable shows to date but we’ve got plenty more laid out, so make sure you keep checking back to see what we have coming next!

During some of the down time, Rigsquad caught up with Adrienne to try and figure out what’s going on inside that creative mind:

Stoked: What Artistic Medium did you start with?”

Babedrienne: I drew on everything as a kid. I actually took a hard metal point and engraved onto some of my parents furniture when I was too young to know any better. Some of which were antiques, unfortunately!

S: Why Bones?

B: I’ve been exploring the idea of “Memento Mori”. If you’re not familiar, “Memento Mori” is latin for “remember death”. Simply put, it’s a reflection on our own mortality. This is a really humbling idea. It is also a very unifying one! Everyone has a skeleton and everyone dies!

    It’s not all about death, though. It’s a reminder to live the life you have to the fullest!

S: “What’s your favorite shape or specimen to carve?

B: Of course I love collaborating with my husband Chadd Lacy on his whales and dolphins and manatees etc… we keep streamlining our processes and experimenting with new techniques!

S: Who are some of your inspirations?

B: My brothers are both MDs, one is a Neurologist, and the other is a biomedical scientist! We all share very similar interests, but have all taken different paths!

    Artistically, early modern science and anatomy prints/illustrations are really inspiring to me, Leonardo da Vinci is probably the most recognizable example. Art and science has been working side by side for so long!

S: Favorite moments from your show at Stoked?

B: The moment the curtain was lifted and the work was revealed straight up gave me chills! It was such a great feeling of accomplishment! I’ve had my nose to the grindstone (or more like face in a respirator inches away from the glass grinding) for months. It was nice to take a few steps back, see the Stoked team work their magic, and enjoy seeing everyone explore the body of work.

   This was also the first time that some of my family got to see what I do. Since I moved on from my previous job as a goldsmith some years ago and moved to Florida, I’ve been kinda hiding and doing to pipe thing. Stoked is very close to where I grew up in NY, family and friends that I haven’t seen in years surprised me and showed up to support! I almost cried a few times. It’s great to see the stigma slowly being removed from pipe culture. I’m excited for the future of pipemakers and really the whole marijuana industry!

S: Weirdest hobby or Interests?

B: I collect dead bugs or other (already) dead creatures to cast into bronze or silver. I also play in a foosball league.

S: Favorite subject to draw?

B: Anything. I’m always down to draw anything, from still life studies to figure drawing to illustrating a joke in a nonsensical cartoon style. It’s all great exercise for my brain as well as keeping me in practice with a pen!

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